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Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have this wish I wish tonight.

The second full collection explores possibilities of relationship between digital and human, future and past.

The campaign is a collaboration between ai and human. The collection takes the superstition of hoping for wishes granted when seeing a shooting star back in the ancient time as the key element, twisting it with a futuristic approach and introducing a digital line appreciating the importance of digital in daily life while expanding the definition of fashion accessories to a new area.

CAN (modal verb): used to request something

CAN (verb): to put food and drink into a closed metal container without air

CAN (noun): a closed metal container, especially cylinder-shaped, in which some types of drink and food are sold.

CAN (modal verb): to be able to


Taking the shape of Kod Kuće’s signature package ‘can’ into a whole collection of can related jewellery pieces.  Elements from can openers were extracted, and reformed with a fun and colourful twist. 


KEY: very important or essential. 

                               — Key Information, Key Event, Key Ideas.


(ring): a Circular band, a loop. 

                               — Connecting.


keyring: n. ring on which keys are kept.


    The first capsule collection KEY(ring) is the a collaborative project created by the Kod Kuće team. It is a collection connecting each one of their key ideas and an expression of Kod Kuće identity.


    Key and ring elements constitute the visual language of the collection. Everyday spark and diverting intertwine among the collection of accessories: including rings devised to decorated the often forgotten fingertips, which can also be worn as ear cuffs; Duo-identity necklace that can be deconstructed into two bracelets; vintage keys reformed rings and necklaces; Detachable stone pendants to embrace wear’s creative impulses.

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