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Please note, each piece of the collection is individually handcrafted by our specialist, there may be slight variations in size, shape, and colour from piece to piece. The differences can embrace individuality.


Please keep the jewelry away from the sight of children as small parts may present a choking hazard to children.


Please remove jewelry before any activity that will expose the jewelry to water i.e. cleaning, bathing, and swimming. The chlorine in the water can potentially damage the gemstone and metals. 


Please also note that there is a possibility of discolouration of metal when exposed to sweat and domestics. Please consult a doctor in case of any irritation. 


Please wipe the piece gently with the cleaning cloth provided after each wearing and store the pieces separately inside a resealable plastic or Kod Kuce jewelry bag.


Please note that the surface will age after frequent uses and the colour might change. We consider the wear and tear as a precious record of memorable times you have spent with the jewelry.


Kod Kuce products are made partially or completely by hand with special techniques. Small imperfections or slight differences are characteristics of handcrafting and are not to be considered defects. In respect to the special craftsmanship, we recommend proper care to the products, as knocks, rubbing and rough handling will cause damage.


Please store the product safely and protect it from scratches, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and long hours of direct sunlight. Clean with a soft cloth after use to keep the product in the best condition. Please note the surface will age after frequent use and will cause possible discolouration.


At Kod Kuce, we select and source every material of your jewelry with careful consideration. All gemstones we use are the finest quality of Swarovski stone sourced from Austria. There might be a slight difference in colour, size, durability, shape, slight marks, and imperfections between each stone, it enhances the individuality of each piece. Therefore, it should be not considered as faulty.


Most Swarovski stone is brittle, however, some might still be easily damaged, to maintain the original quality of your jewelry, we recommend you to protect the jewelry from scratches, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and long hours of exposure to direct sunlight.

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